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Festival "goddess" 2004

Celebration of female principle and female energy "Goddess" which is inside ourselves.
Big international festival not only for women, but also for men in Skalka u Doks.
Application Form
Detailed Programme
  • Connecting to the roots of women's power and positive heritage of strong women from near or ancient past
  • Working with energies of various female archetypes (earth goddess, goddess of the underworld, goddess of love and passion)
  • Daily 2-3 hour workshops with themes "Woman - Goddess" in all her forms
  • 30.4.2004 ritual "Night of the witches" and dancing around the fire. With live drumming music by TAM - TAM Orchestra
  • 1.5.2004 Ball of Goddesses and Gods, live drumming music, come dressed as your favourite Goddess or God
  • "Vagina Monologues" - a theatre performance
    Daily meditative/ ceremonial walks to the nearby hills
  • Cleansing journey through the four elements - fire, water, earth, air
Priestesses of Avalon: Hana Evans (CZ), Hazel Loveridge (UK), Brian Charles (UK)
Monica Sjoo (Sweden), John Hawken (UK)
Moa Doris Grevenstette (Germany), Karen Gubi - Jefferson (Austria)
Katka Kramolišová (CZ), Denisa Palečková (CZ)
Helena Unmani (CZ), Hanka Pokorná (CZ)
Iva Trnková (CZ), Achaia (CZ)
Studio Paprsek - the oriental dance
The actresses of theatrical performance "Vagina monology"
29.4 (Thursday from 10 am) - 2.5.(Sunday till 6 pm) 2004
The events will run in three places simultaneously in the venue of our workshop centre (this is an old adapted farmhouse) and in it's gardens.
The areas are:
1) meditation hall,
2) marquee in the garden,
3) an outdoor stage

Programme will run in three parts each day:
Morning 10am - 1pm, afternoon 3pm - 6pm, evening 8pm - 10 or 11pm
How to get there:
by bus from PRAHA- Holešovice 1,5 hours or by car 80 km -1 hour drive from Prague - motorway to Mladá Boleslav then direction to Ceska Lípa . When in Doksy/Máchovo jezero/ go to Skalka u Doks/ 2 km/ . Go through the village -the last farmhouse No.22 after passing by the small pond. Parking available behind the house.
Entrance Fee:
One day /thursday or friday/ CZK 500
2 days/thursday and friday/ CZK 900
weekend/ fri 20:00-sun 18:00/ CZK 1200
long weekend/fri 10:00- sun 18:00/ CZK 1500
long weekend /thur 20:00-sun 18:00/ CZK 1650
Grand festival/thur 10:00- sun 18:00/ CZK 1800
Os NATARAJ , Acc.No.: 737794001/2400 eBank
For payments received before 1.4.2004 10% reduction
For participants of tantric training - reduction 25% of all costs
Members of Czech tantric community -reduction 15% of all costs
First 50 paying participants receive free bonus- weekend bed and breakfest at Skalka centre
The applicable reductions cannot be accumulated
  1. Own tent in the farm´s garden CZK 50 / night/ person
  2. Common lodging on mattresses in the meditation hall, take your own sleeping bags and camp pads (100 CZK/night/person)
  3. Hostels and hotels 3 km from the festival place:
    a) Hotel "Lesní hotel" in Doksy, indiv. WC and showers or common WC and showers - 210 CZK/night/person
    b) Hostel "Poslův Mlýn" in Doksy - common WC and showers for 2 double rooms - 155 CZK/night/person
    c) Hostel "Termit" in Doksy, common WC and showers, 165 CZK/night/person
You can book rooms in private, lodging houses and hotels in Doksy yourself; visit the website (website of Doksy town).
Meals: available 3x daily hot vegetarian cuisine/ daily menu available from CZK 100,-
Tent tea room in the garden provides through the day cold and hot refreshment, beverages and assorted meals.
What to bring together:
light meditation clothes, large scarf for dances and/or massages/lunghi/, massage oil, small scarfs and objects to create the sacred space, interest in meeting the Goddess, clothes for Saturday masquerade ball dancing , sacred objects to be placed at the Goddess altar/flowers , crystals, pictures etc./, music instrument/drums, flutes, etc/, one gift for another participant of the festival, strong will to meet the Goddess
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